Learn to navigate the Generation Equality Action Coalitions Commitments Dashboard with this tutorial video. A new video featuring the Online Accountability Platform and map of commitments will be featured soon!

Commitments have gone under validation and revision by Action Coalition Leaders and Commitment Makers, and they reflect submissions made up to 10 September 2022. Submitted edits have been incorporated, and all other commitments that did not receive any request for revision, are displayed in the Dashboard as submitted in the Generation Equality Paris Forum.

If you wish to inform us about any issues with your commitment(s) currently displayed in the Dashboard or to update your contact information details, feel free to inform UN Women through this form

Please check below for any frequently asked questions:


What are the next steps?

Now that the work of Generation Equality is pivoting from the orchestration of the Forum events to the management of the 5-year action journey, several critical next steps are taking place:

1) Implementation of the accountability framework that will ensure transparency and monitoring around delivery of commitments – including the first Accountability Report in September 2022.

2) Analysis of the commitments made in Paris versus the Global Acceleration Plan to identify gaps and needed areas of focus for sourcing new commitments.

3) Launch of a Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Group

4) Agreement by UN Women and partners of a 5-year vision and objectives for this work in the next 5 years All of this work is being advanced and should be completed in Q1 2022.

In tandem with this work, the Action Coalitions and Compact are continuing to drive their thematic plans and advocacy goals, oversee commitments and galvanize new commitments; for example, the recent member state commitments on climate which were announced at COP 26 in November 2021.


When was the commitments’ validation done?

Partners who have made commitments have submitted, through a data validation process, proposed edits and revisions for their commitments from January until September 2022. 
If you are an AC Leader or a Commitment Maker and have not validated your commitment and would like to request any edits, feel free to inform UN Women through this form.

Which commitments are included currently in the Dashboard?

The dataset validation process contains commitments submitted during the Generation Equality Forum in Paris and afterward through the online platform up until October 2021. Commitments submitted after this date as well as the revised dataset, based on the reporting submissions, will be published by UN Women soon. Aa tracker will also be made available for partners to easily check commitments implementation.

How can interested partners submit commitments?

If you are interested in making a commitment to Generation Equality, contact us at actioncoalitions@unwomen.org to be notified when the updated registration form is available.

Will guidance be provided to partners prior to submitting commitments moving forward?

We recognize that more support and technical guidance to partners is needed to submit strong commitments. As a next step, we will develop a technical strategy to support partners and enable them to fully understand the commitments and the Action Coalition Accountability process.

How will collective commitments be displayed in the commitments dashboard?

At the current moment, collective commitments are being shown individually and as submitted by partners. In the next phase of development, a separate tab for collective commitments will be included in the Commitments Directory.

Which language is being used for the commitments dashboard and Online Platform?

At this moment, all commitments are displayed in the Commitments Dashboard in the language they were submitted. Commitments will be translated for the next development phase, and it will include versions both in Spanish and French.