Frequently Asked Questions

The commitments dashboard has gone through a validation process from January through March 2022 and were shared with Action Coalition Leaders and Commitment Makers for revisions. Submitted edits have been incorporated, and all other commitments that did not receive any request for revision, are displayed in the Dashboard as submitted in the Generation Equality Paris Forum.


Please check below for any questions regarding the Commitments Validation process and the Commitments Dashboard:

Partners who have made commitments have received an email message from the Action Coalitions requesting their data validation of their commitment only.

If you are an AC Leader or a Commitment Maker and have not validated your commitment and would like to request any edits, please contact for assistance.

During Phase I, the dataset validation process contains commitments submitted during the Generation Equality Forum in Paris and afterward through the online platform up until October 2021. Commitments submitted since October 2021 will be included in the next stage of the dashboard advancement in order to keep the process manageable both for partners and UN Women.

The current commitments submission form is being revised and will be released by September, 2022 in the new commitments online platform. This online platform will be created as a one-stop-shop for accessing the dashboard, submitting new commitments and tracking commitments annually, as well as other elements of the Accountability Framework.

The data analysis on the strength and gaps across commitments, including on financial commitments, is a critical point since the purpose of the dashboard is to spur advocacy especially for weaker commitments and underrepresented regions – and not just for accountability. No data analysis was done prior to the launch of the Action Coalitions Dashboard.

This work is being contracted and will start after the Commitments Dashboard launch during CSW-66.

We recognize that more support and technical guidance to partners is needed to submit strong commitments. As a next step, we will develop a technical strategy to support partners and enable them to fully understand the commitments and Action Coalition process.

At the current moment, collective commitments are being shown individually and as submitted by partners. In the next phase of development, a separate tab will be included in the Commitments Directory, listing all partners. This will also depend on further validation from partners.

All commitments that did not include a title and/or an external and internal description for the commitment were removed from the Dashboard site.

Some commitments that were not aligned with a particular Action Coalition and its Blueprint were not validated and not included in the Dashboard.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.

At this moment, all commitments are displayed in the Commitments Dashboard in the language they were submitted. Commitments will be translated for Phase II, and the Dashboard page will include versions both in Spanish and French.